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I have been working on my own ssl based multi process multi file descriptor threaded server for a few weeks now, needless to say it can handle a good amount of punishment. I am writing it in C++ in an object oriented manner and it is nearly finished with signal handling (atomic access included) and exception / errno.h handled.

The goal is to use the server to make multi-player applications and games for Android/iOS. I am actually very close to the completion, but it recently occurred to me that I can just use Apache to accomplish that.

I tried doing some research but couldn't find anything so perhaps someone can help me decide weather I should finish my server and use that or use apache or whatever. What are the advantages and disadvantages of apache vs your own server?

Thank you to those who are willing to participate in this discussion!

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Reading your comment to the only answer so far, it sounds like your question is more about using your own protocol or using HTTP with the request/response model handled by Apache Httpd. If this really is the case, please edit your question to reflect that, otherwise it just sounds like you're trying to show off. –  Bruno May 10 '12 at 23:04

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We would need more details about what you intend to accomplish but I would go with Apache in any case if it matches your needs:

  • it is battle tested for all kind of cases and loads
  • you can benefit from all the available modules (see http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/)
  • you can benefit from regular security patches
  • you don't have to maintain it yourself!

Hope this helps!

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The goal is to make my own multi-player applications and games on mobile platforms. I figured since I am using openssl standard API and I have implemented fd_set, threads and forking, it would be able to handle a large number of clients efficiently. Finally it will allow me to customize my network model if I ever need it, to be honest that beats configuring apache and handling debug crap. –  aali83 May 10 '12 at 23:01
Honestly not trying to be cocky, I am just trying to find out why should I code a client/server myself when apache exists. I think it would be cool to have my own server that I can continue maintaining and updating myself. The server I have coded so far uses ssl protocol, I think its a cool project and could be useful tool for my future in setting up my own business. –  aali83 May 10 '12 at 23:42

You can always write your own software even when perfectly well-proven alternatives exists, but you should be conscious about what are your reasons for doing so, and what are the costs.

For instance, your reasons could be:

  • Existing software too slow/high latency/difficult to synchronize
  • Existing software not extensible for my purpose
  • Your needs don't overlap with the architecture imposed by the software - for instance if you need a P2P network, then a client/server-based HTTP protocol is not your best
  • You just want to have fun exploring low-level protocols

I believe none of the above except possibly the last of these apply to your case, but you have not provided much details, so my apologies if I am wrong.

The costs could be:

  • Your architecture might get muddled - for instance you can fall into the trap of having your server being too busy calculating if a gunshot hits the enemy, when 10 clients are trying to initiate a TCP connection, or a buffer overflow in your persistent storage routine takes down the whole server
  • You spend time on lower level stuff when you should dealing with your game engine
  • Security is hard to get right, it takes many man-years of intrusion testing and formal proofs (even if you are using openSSL)
  • Making your own protocol means making your own bugs
  • Your own protocol means you have to make your own debuggers (for instance you can't test using curl or trace using HTTP proxies)
  • You have to solve many of the issues that have already been solved for the existing solution. For instance caching, authentication, redirection, logging, multi-node scaling, resource allocation, proxies
  • For your own stuff you can only ask yourself for help
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