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Sorry in advance for this incredibly simple question, but what is the best way to set a variable while also checking a condition. For example, I have:

@friends = []
@user.facebook_friends.each do |key,value|
  if test = Authorization.includes(:user).find_by_uid(key) != nil
    @friends << {"name" =>, "facebook_image_url" => test.user.facebook_image_url}

I am trying to pull in the user records when I pull in the authorization record, so as to minimize my database queries. I know that I can't write

test = Authorization.includes(:user).find_by_uid(key) != nil

in order to set the test variable. What is the best way to write this code so that it is functional?

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You just need parens:

(test = Authorization.includes(:user).find_by_uid(key)) != nil

Also here is a more rails way to do it:

unless (test = Authorization.includes(:user).find_by_uid(key)).nil?
    @friends << {"name" =>, "facebook_image_url" => test.user.facebook_image_url}
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Wow! I thought I tried that before and it didn't work. I just tried it again and it did! Thanks for answering my dumb question. – Alex May 10 '12 at 23:58

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