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When an asset contains unicode characters in the file name, for example Chinese or Arabic, the file can not be deployed to a package, it errors out.

Renaming the file to ANSI characters fixes it.

Is there a way to get MonoDevelop + MonoDroid deploy unicode Assets?

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I can't find this documented anywhere, but asset filenames must be ASCII, because that's what the aapt tool requires:

 * Names of asset files must meet the following criteria:
 *  - the filename length must be less than kMaxAssetFileName bytes long
 *    (and can't be empty)
 *  - all characters must be 7-bit printable ASCII
 *  - none of { '/' '\\' ':' }
 * Pass in just the filename, not the full path.
static bool validateFileName(const char* fileName)
    const char* cp = fileName;
    size_t len = 0;

    while (*cp != '\0') {
        if ((*cp & 0x80) != 0)
            return false;           // reject high ASCII
        if (*cp < 0x20 || *cp >= 0x7f)
            return false;           // reject control chars and 0x7f
        if (strchr(kInvalidChars, *cp) != NULL)
            return false;           // reject path sep chars

    if (len < 1 || len > kMaxAssetFileName)
        return false;               // reject empty or too long

    return true;

I have no idea why Android/aapt has this requirement.

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Requirement is because aapt generates the R file that has a field/variable with the name of each file you put in the assets (and even raw) folder. Since java variable names can't have unicode, it can't package files with them as it would generate an invalid Java class. – Russ May 14 '13 at 16:33
Java variables names most certainly can have Unicode: §3.8 Identifiers says "Letters and digits may be drawn from the entire Unicode character set, which supports most writing scripts in use in the world today, including the large sets for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This allows programmers to use identifiers in their programs that are written in their native languages." – jonp Sep 9 '13 at 19:31
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I got this from the MonoDroid team (thanks jonp) and it works:

Since Android doesn't support Unicode asset filenames, you can instead set the file's Build action to EmbeddedResource and use .NET resources to access the resource:

  using (var s = new StreamReader (typeof (Activity1).Assembly
       .GetManifestResourceStream ("Úñîćödę.txt")))
   button.Text = s.ReadToEnd ();

(You may need to change the Resource ID property of the file to match the value passed to Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream().)

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