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I have two tables

    table1                   table2
    numID|counts|date        numID|net|tax|date
    1        1   xy            1    2   1   xy
    2        1   xy            2    2   1   xy
    3        1   xy            3    2   1   xy
    3        1   xy            4    1   1   xy
    4        0   xy    

So I'd need to sum (net + tax) on table2 for rows that have same date,numID and counts=1. I tried to do where clause but numID 3 would be added two times but i need it to sum only once. numID 4 should be omitted because it has counts=0. My select:

FROM table1 AS d, `table2` AS c
    AND d.numID=c.numID
    AND `it_counts` = 1

This adds numID 3 two times but it should be DISTINCT.

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Try rewriting this statement with a correlated exists query:

FROM `table2` AS c
    SELECT 1 FROM table1 AS d
        AND d.numID=c.numID
        AND `it_counts` = 1)
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yes it works as expected, thnx – phpJs May 11 '12 at 0:30

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