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How can I visualize a data set with a large amount of features using scatter3 plot in matlab. I already have it reduce to three features using PCA, but how do I get it to show up in different colours depending on if the y value (or labelled value) for the corresponding row is 1 or 0? P.S. PCA return a [675 x 3] matrix, which is the 675 examples in the data set, with the first 3 principle components.

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I'm not too up-to-date on my matlab, but I believe you can do it by firstly setting hold on then looping through and plotting each row of your matrix using plot3, and setting the colour based on the label. eg

hold on
for i=1:675,
    if (label == 1)
        plot3(mat(i,1), mat(i,2), mat(i,3), '-xr');
    elseif (label == 2)
        plot3(mat(i,1), mat(i,2), mat(i,3), '-og');
    elseif (label == 3)
        plot3(mat(i,1), mat(i,2), mat(i,3), '-b');
hold off

This may need some tweaking though, since it is a while since I have used Matlab. Hope it helps :-)

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Thank you very much. Did have to do some tweaking but I got the general idea. –  cubearth May 11 '12 at 0:52
% Create some data to represent the results of PCA
x = rand(675,3); y = randi([0,1],675,1);

% Plot with markers of size 10

A bit easier than the loop and if statement approach suggested elsewhere.

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