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I have three arrays:

var arrayOne=[{obj1}, {obj2}, {ob3}];
var arrayTwo=[{obj4}, {obj5}, {obj6}];
var arrayThree=[{obj7}, {obj8}, {obj9}];

And I need to Know how to fill a new array with values from those arrays, like this:

var arrayFINAL=[{obj1}, {obj2}, {ob3}, {obj7}, {obj8}, {obj9}, {obj4}, {obj5}, {obj6}];

I thought it was something like this:

var arrayFINAL = new Array(arrayOne, arrayTwo, arrayThree);

But it seems to create an array an array's of arrays not an objects array. Anyone knows how to do this? thnks!

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... why are you switching arrayTwo and arrayThree in your example? –  ninjagecko May 11 '12 at 0:40

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var combinedArray = arrayOne.concat(arrayTwo, arrayThree);


array.concat(value1, value2, ..., valueN)


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You're looking for Array concatenation

arrayFinal = arrayOne.concat(arrayTwo, arrayThree);

See here for documentation

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var arrayFinal = arrayOne.concat(arrayThree,arrayTwo);
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All of the answers are the same! –  PitaJ May 11 '12 at 0:30

Your code...

var arrayFINAL = new Array(arrayOne, arrayTwo, arrayThree);

Will make an array arrayFINAL with three members, each of which is another array, like a multidimensional array.

If you want to create a new array with all three, use the concat() operator...

var arrayFinal = arrayOne.concat(arrayTwo, arrayThree);


If you want to push them all onto the original array, use...

arrayOne.push.apply(arrayOne, arrayTwo.concat(arrayThree));


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You may be interested in array_merge from PHJS - the behaviour you're looking for is identical to what PHP's array_merge does, and the PHPJS version does the same in JavaScript.

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