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I'm writing an iOS App that I want to post items on the user's Feed. I'm using the latest SDK and have followed the tutorial as far as logging into FB and getting an active session. Posting works fine, and the post shows up in the user's Timeline. When I test this, posting to my own timeline, I then go in through my desktop Safari web browser, browse my profile and try to delete the post by clicking the pencil in the upper-right corner, then clicking delete.

When I do this, a delete confirmation box appears. If I click Delete, nothing happens and the dialog remains. If I click Cancel, the dialog is dismissed, but the post is still there.

If I go back to my mobile device and open the FB App, the post will appear in my activity, and if I swipe on it, it will allow me to delete it. If I go back to the web interface on the desktop and refresh, the post is gone.

So, why can't I delete posts made under my Auth from a mobile app, through the normal web browser Facebook interface?

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