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I downloaded ParseKit using command svn checkout todparsekit-read-only revision number is 74. I tried to run DemoApp. Application started up. When I pushed Parse button, no tree was displayed. After setting USE_TRACK to 1, it displayed log like

After : [ 42
Expected : CaseInsensitiveLiteral ]
Found : e-12

Seems to me that handling of 'Number' has changed. When I tried to use same ParseKit code in my own project, ParseKit threw exception when parsing '0.8' as Number.

I might be missing something. Thanks in advance.

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Developer of ParseKit here. Thanks for the heads up. I have fixed the issue.

The problem was:

The new -[PKNumberState allowsFloatingPoint] method should default to YES, but when creating a parser via the ParserFactory (a grammar), it was defaulting to NO.

The fix is checked in as rev 78.

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I downloaded new version, and works great! Thanks! –  Goro Otsubo May 24 '12 at 23:54

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