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I have a web application where there is one admin and many users. When a user logs in he is taken to a certain page from which he can perform other operations which lead him to other pages restricted to him .The same goes for the admin too. But if i change the url to the restricted page during runtime a user can access an admin's page and vice versa. I have heard about using membership access. But i dont know how its done. I am using an sql database where the login details are stored in a table.

So how do i restrict access? I have heard it has to do something with the web.config? Is it possible to achieve the same result by using just code behind?

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You should use the ASP.NET Membership provider. It will give you a lot of stuff out of the box. There's a good tutorial by Scott Mitchell that will guide you through this process.

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I added two roles from the WSAT , one called "member" and the other called "admin". I want to add an userid (which is entered into a textbox) into a role from code behind. I tried to use Roles.AddUserToRole(userid_tb.Text,"member"); . But it didnt work.. Where have i commited the mistake? – achuthan mukundarajan May 11 '12 at 8:15

When loading your pages, you might have to check if the user have the right permission and allow access or redirect him to another page.

If ! user can access page { redirect }

Your page content.

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My doubt is why cant i use Roles.AddUserToRole(). and a user to a role – achuthan mukundarajan May 11 '12 at 10:46

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