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I am trying to automate a test which involves authenticating to a website through a smartcard.

I am using c#, windows 7.

When I launch the url, a windows security window comes up asking me to select a certificate from the list of certificates available.

I am finding it impossible to come up with a way to iterate through the list of certificates listed in the security dialog box programatically. I just need to iterate through the list and keep reading the friendly name of the certificates listed till I find the one that matches my desired certificate.

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AutomationElementCollection windows =  AutomationElement.RootElement.FindAll(TreeScope.Descendants, new PropertyCondition(AutomationElement.ControlTypeProperty, ControlType.Window));
        foreach (AutomationElement window in windows)
            if (window.Current.ClassName.Equals("#32770"))   //security dialog
                AutomationElementCollection certs = window.FindAll(TreeScope.Descendants, new PropertyCondition(AutomationElement.ControlTypeProperty,ControlType.ListItem));
                foreach (AutomationElement cert in certs)
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