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I want a windows console app GUI test tool that will link into Fitnesse and other ATDD tools. I've done this before using selenium (C# code version), but now I'm working on a windows application

So the GUI tester needs to be able to 1. Run a small partial scripts with parameters from a third party app (eg FitNesse). 2. It has to be fast, not starting up the GUI tester each time.

My company has $$$ and I'm happy to buy a commercial application but I'm not happy with any commercial application I've seen. As even those that claim to be data driven all use spreadsheets that are hidden from the description of the test - making it hard to see what the tests are actually about.

A sample of the sort of test I would like to write is:

  CreateNewUser("Clare", "McLennan", "Consultant")

But preferable not as code, in a formate that BAs etc are more happy with.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Clare McLennan

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When you say console app, what do you mean? Also what technology stack are you using? –  Dan Woodward May 22 '12 at 14:48

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Project White can drive automated testing of Windows Forms applications.

ApprovalTests is a compelling alternative to the standard scripted method of UI testing. It has a unique way of asserting and reporting differences of complex objects such as Winforms.

Fitnesse is useful for acceptance testing and automating specifications with non-technical stakeholders but perhaps not great for testing directly the user interface and interactions. The pages can be hard to follow and the test code brittle. For doing ATDD, you might want to create fixtures that that test the application at a slightly lower level e.g. service layer.

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