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My website has a section that generates a unique id for every post and then it's sent to the database. The problem is that the ID that is generated totals 16 chars in length and I need the id to be 6 chars only.

This is the code that is used to generate the ID:

$order_id  = uniqid(rand(10,1000), false);

Is there any way that I could accomplish such a change?

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As per @OptimusCrime's post, do not use this accepted answer...

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Just what I needed. Thanks! –  Gman May 11 '12 at 11:28
There is nothing unique about this approach, might as well use rand() alone. –  sudopeople Nov 12 '12 at 23:57
It can generate duplicate values. –  kta Sep 30 at 5:53

Scuzzy's method is not 100% safe. uniqid will product a unique id where the WHOLE id will be unique. By removing these characters you may end up with duplicates.

Why not do this with auto_incremental in the database? So the first id is 1, then 2 and so on. If you only need 6 digits this will result in 999 999 different keys.

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