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I want to customize my compilation error message page with my own error message.

How can I do that? Where will the compilation error pages be configured in play 2.0?

Thanks in advance.

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Your best bet is to create your own Global object, overload onError(...) and render your own page instead of the default.

Details can be found in the documentation here

Given how useful the default error page is, I like to keep those errors while developing and show something more user friendly in production. As so, I generally do something like:

public class Global extends GlobalSettings {
    public Result onError(Http.RequestHeader requestHeader, Throwable throwable) {        
        if (Application.isDevelopment()) {
            return super.onError(requestHeader,throwable);
        // customer facing
        Application.sendErrorEmail("Error occurred on production server: "+throwable.getMessage());
        // give the customer a reasonable message without giving away any internal details
        return internalServerError("Sorry, but an unexpected error occurred.  Please contact the administrator if this error continues.");

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