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I've integrated ICSharpCode.TextEditor into VB.NET and it run smoothly without error. But, I cannot find in properties window the property to enable or select the syntax highlighting features as well as intellisense. I don't have any experience with ICSTE, so please help me. Thanks you.

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Here is code from my project

//Initialize HM
HighlightingManager.Manager.AddSyntaxModeFileProvider(new FileSyntaxModeProvider(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory));

//Setup current Highlighter

IHighlightingStrategy highlighter = HighlightingManager.Manager.FindHighlighter("SQL");
txtQuery.Document.HighlightingStrategy = highlighter;

Ensure that file SQL.xshd exists in AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory

As for entellisense you should implement it mostly yourself using this code

private void ShowCompletionWindow(ICompletionDataProvider completionDataProvider, char ch)

    			codeCompletionWindow = CodeCompletionWindow.ShowCompletionWindow(
    			if (codeCompletionWindow != null)
    				codeCompletionWindow.Closed += delegate
    				                               		_blockKeys = false;

    		catch (Exception e)
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See this project on github : ICSharpCode.TextEditorEx and nuget : ICSharpCode.TextEditorEx

This version exposes a property SyntaxHighlighting which you can use on designer mode to set the syntax highlighting.

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