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I have 2 mysql queries retrieved from my php class 2 different methods and they look as it follows

domains.id,  domains.name, domains.meta_title,
domains.meta_keywords,  domains.meta_description,
produkt_modul.keywords, produkt_modul.program_id,produkt_modul.title, produkt_modul.items, produkt_modul.search_type
 FROM domains
 JOIN produkt_modul ON domains.id = produkt_modul.domains_id WHERE domains.name='$domain_name' ORDER BY position

is fetching the rows for my product modules and the second one

domains.id, text_module.position, text_module.title, text_module.text
FROM    domains
JOIN    text_module
ON  domains.id = text_module.domains_id
WHERE   domains.name='$domain_name' AND active= 1 ORDER BY position

should give me the rows of the text modules.

When I generate the html output of the rows in my view I would like to order theme after the positions value.

what should look for example something like:

text_modul pos1
prod_modul pos2
prod_modul pos3
text_modul pos4

the actual view of the rows looks


How can I fetch the rows in such a way to have theme in the correct order.

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Here's how to do it in PHP. Note that this code assumes position is unique across both produkt_module and text_module results.

$allrows = array();
$res = mysql_query(/* your first query on produkt_module */);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res) {
    $row['type'] = 'p';
    $allrows[$row['position']] = $row;

$res = mysql_query(/* your second query on text_module */);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res) {
    $row['type'] = 't';
    $allrows[$row['position']] = $row;

ksort($allrows);  // sort all rows by position

foreach ($allrows as $pos => $row) {
    if ($row['type'] == 'p') {
        /* display a produkt_module row, i.e $row['title'], etc. */
    } elseif ($row['type'] == 't') {
        /* display a text_module row */
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It's not clear where the position column comes from but I'm guessing that the produkt_module and text_module tables both have a position column.

To do it in SQL you can use a UNION and sort the combined result. The restriction is that the two results UNIONed together must have the same number of columns and the columns must be compatible types:

SELECT title, position FROM (
  SELECT p.title, p.position
  FROM produkt_module p
  JOIN domains d ON d.id = p.domains_id
  WHERE d.name = '$domain_name'
  SELECT t.title, t.position
  FROM text_module t
  JOIN domains d ON d.id = t.domains_id
  WHERE d.name = '$domain_name'
  AND t.active
) ORDER BY position;

You could also read both results sets into an array and sort that in PHP.

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Thanks, I think the Union is not going to bring results in my case. Somehow I have to read the both query results in an array – lgt May 11 '12 at 6:10

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