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When I use A in my project and I simulate memory warning in simulator, the App often crashes in [super didReceiveMemoryWarning]. Is there anything I should take pay attention if I want to inherit a class from a non-ARC file in a ARC project? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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What kind of crash? – zoul May 11 '12 at 5:59
  1. I'm not following the logical connection between didReceiveMemoryWarning and the ARC/non-ARC question.

  2. The ARC/non-ARC question is duplicative of previous SO discussion.

  3. Beyond the items mentioned in that other discussion (flagging the non-ARC files appropriately with –fno-objc-arc), you may want to think about the rules outlined in the Transitioning to ARC, notably the naming conventions for methods (at least if they're methods to be invoked by the ARC subclass).

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