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I have a clientspec with view lines defined using perforce wildcards.
For example,

//depot/*/xyz/... //myClient/*/xyz/...
//depot/abc... //myClient/abc...
//depot/jkl/*pqr... //myClient/jkl/*pqr...

Now, given a path string, I need to find out whether the view lines contain it or not.

In the above example, third view line contains //depot/jkl/123pqr789/dfg.c

I am writing java program for this. I looked into p4java API but it won't help as javadoc for ViewMap class says,

This implementation of view maps does not (yet) include advanced Perforce functionality (such as translation or testing the map to see whether a path is mapped or not), but future versions will; the emphasis here is on setting up a common basis for P4Java view maps.

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Try issuing a 'p4 where' command to the server, and let it tell you: http://www.perforce.com/perforce/doc.current/manuals/cmdref/where.html#1040665

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