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Facebook offers the Comments Plugin for adding comments to any website:

Is it possible to GET and POST comments to your website via the Graph API?

My "URL to comment on" is If I use the above comments plugin to add a comment to my site, I can access all the comments at the following URL:

Now, is there a way to POST and GET comments to this via the Graph API? I assume my "post id" is I'm trying to use the PHP SDK like so:

$params = array( 'message' => 'Hello World!!' );
$facebook->api("", "POST", $params);

Also tried to fetch comments as well:

$comments = $facebook->api("", "GET");

No dice with either of those. Can't post comments or fetch comments.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it not possible to add comments to your site via the API?

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Dunno about the comment post. but you can get the comments as an assoc array via the API as follows:

    $url = '';
    $arr = $this->facebook->api('comments/?ids='.$url); 

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