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I want single mysql query to add a new row as total with values of sum of all column values to the following query. please help me

SELECT username,enddt,SUM(zerotothirty) AS 0To30,
SUM(thirtytosixty) AS 31To60,SUM(sixtytoonetwenty) AS 61To120,
SUM(onetwentytotwoforty) AS 121To240,SUM(greaterthantwoforty) AS '>240' 
(SELECT username,DATE(enddt) AS enddt,tickid,
 IF(duration <=30, 1,0) zerotothirty,
 IF(duration BETWEEN 31 AND 60, 1,0) thirtytosixty,
 IF(duration BETWEEN 61 AND 120,1,0) sixtytoonetwenty,
 IF(duration BETWEEN 121 AND 240,1,0) onetwentytotwoforty,
 IF(duration >240,1,0) greaterthantwoforty
 FROM report)AS r
 GROUP BY username,DATE(enddt);
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post your create table command –  user1432124 May 11 '12 at 6:58

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Use the WITH ROLLUP modifier to GROUP BY:

GROUP BY username,DATE(enddt) WITH ROLLUP;

(In your case, this will show subtotals for each username, and a total for all results).

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Thank you very much –  suresh May 11 '12 at 10:29
@suresh: No problem at all. FYI, you should accept answers if they solve your problem and upvote them if they're useful or helpful. –  eggyal May 11 '12 at 10:31

To supplement Eggyal's answer with rollup, you could simplify yours by summing with your IF() as

      DATE(enddt) AS enddt,
      SUM( IF(duration <=30, 1,0 )) as 0To30,
      SUM( IF(duration BETWEEN 31 AND 60, 1,0 )) as 31To60,
      SUM( IF(duration BETWEEN 61 AND 120,1,0 )) as 61To120,
      SUM( IF(duration BETWEEN 121 AND 240,1,0 )) as 121To240,
      SUM( IF(duration >240,1,0)) as '>240'
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SELECT username,COUNT(DISTINCT tickid) AS NewTick,COUNT(tickid)-COUNT(DISTINCT tickid) AS ReopenedTick, SUM( IF(duration <=30, 1,0 )) AS 0To30, SUM( IF(duration BETWEEN 31 AND 60, 1,0 )) AS 31To60, SUM( IF(duration BETWEEN 61 AND 120,1,0 )) AS 61To120, SUM( IF(duration BETWEEN 121 AND 240,1,0 )) AS 121To240, SUM( IF(duration >240,1,0)) AS '>240' FROM report WHERE username IS NOT NULL AND deptid=1 GROUP BY username WITH ROLLUP; –  suresh May 14 '12 at 9:53
@suresh, you posted a query as a comment. You could always re-edit your post and add to that. What is up with the query you posted.. other than you now appear to be recomputig a tickID basis. –  DRapp May 14 '12 at 10:11

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