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I just came across this post.It just nicely explains about configuring unicorn server for rails app on heroku cedar stack.

I added unicorn in my gem file and started my server on and its working perfectly fine. I have added the unicorn.rb in my config directory as given in the post I mentioned above.How can I know in my development environment that unicorn added the workers? Also can I use unicorn with heroku bamboo stack?if yes How?

I am novice to the field i.e in set & configure rails server,I am not getting any way to head forward & don't have much idea about this at all.So please suggest some resources to learn about set up & configure servers for rails applications from scratch.

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Bamboo stack doesn't support Procfiles which you would need to use Unicorn in production. You'd need to migrate to Cedar stack to use Unicorn on Heroku.

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