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I wonder if exists some plugin which offers syntax completion based on rails snippets (from snipmate). Example:

Being on specs, I provide shou, press hotkey and I got list of possible completions (like for Ctrl-p). Selecting anything from list, will insert a snippet.

Does something like this exists?

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You can hit <C-r><Tab> in insert mode to pop up a list of available snippets, hit <Enter> to select the right one and hit <Tab> to expand the snippet. But the menu doesn't provide a description.

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thanks! it is realy usefull! –  Sławosz May 11 '12 at 14:55

This is not specific to SnipMate, but you might also find Vim's line completion feature useful here. While in insert mode, Ctl-xCtl-l will offer possible completions for the whole line. So if you already have something like the following in your open buffers:

it { should belong_to(:user) }
it { should validate_presence_of(:title) }

and you start typing

it {Ctl-xCtl-l

... you will get a list of possible full line completions to match.

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