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In previous versions of the authenticate package, there was something for Facebook authentication. Why does it not exist in the newer versions? Does it have to do with the fact that the Facebook API changed?

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The code was superseded by the more comprehensive fb package. It was a mistake on my part to not mention this in the package description itself (you're not the first to get caught by this change). I've updated the cabal file and uploaded a new version to Hackage. Hopefully that will avoid further confusion.

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It was removed in this commit. As for why, you'd have to ask Michael Snoyman himself; there's no issue corresponding to commit that I could find. I suspect the code had simply become outdated because of Facebook updates.

However, since Facebook support OAuth (and indeed this seems to be what the old code was based on), you may be able to use authenticate-oath, which contains the OAuth code that was split out from authenticate proper. (If this does work, then that may be why the Facebook-specific support was removed: it would be redundant to the generic OAuth code.)

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