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I get a strange result whenever I try a research with geocode with the address=paris,75000


This returns me a place in the south of France where there is a little road called Paris !!!

"formatted_address" : "Paris, 83470 Seillons-Source-d'Argens, France",
     "geometry" : {
        "bounds" : {
           "northeast" : {
              "lat" : 43.4958460,
              "lng" : 5.8980320
           "southwest" : {
              "lat" : 43.49187360,
              "lng" : 5.88903480

Anybody knows how to fix it ? Thanx

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Adding: region=fr to include region biasingdev-guide-entry helps a little (at least the first result makes more sense and some of the strange results have been removed), but I believe the real problem is that you are submitting an incomplete address.

All of the results that are returned for this request have: partial_match: true, which is basically saying that the geocoder did the best it could with incomplete information in the request. Is there any way you can add more detail to this specific request?

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It looks like the geocoder is confused by the code 75000. Leaving it out produces different results. I know that each arrondissement gets its own number, 75001, 75002 etc: is 75000 a valid postal code? 75001 produces a valid result.

The workaround is not to use that code, anyway.

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