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I have the following problem. I need to mirror password protected site. Sounds like simple task:

wget -m -k -K -E --cookies=on --keep-session-cookies --load-cookies=myCookies.txt

in myCookies.txt I am keeping proper session cookie. This works until wget come accross logout page - then session is invalidated and, effectively, further mirroring is usless.

W tried to add --reject option, but it works only with file types - I can block only html file download or swf file download, I can't say


Any ideas how to skip certain URLs in wget? Maybe there is other tool that can do the job (must work on MS Windows).

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What if you first download (or even just touch) the logout page, and then

wget --no-clobber --your-original-arguments

This should skip the logout page, as it has already been downloaded

(Disclaimer: I didn't try this myself)

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+1; I did touch page.php?type=Logout then wget --no-clobber and got File 'page.php?type=Logout' already there; not retrieving. –  Eli Rosencruft May 11 '12 at 10:49
It is quite easy to achieve the same with HTTrack: httrack.exe --mirror --cookies=1 -Logout assuming that cookies are in the cookies.txt file –  Piotr Kochański May 11 '12 at 11:05

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