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I'm using KendoUI DataViz Chart to show the statistical data and having dates coming from JSON datasource and are being set as categoryAxis, but they get shuffled automatically, i.e; somehow the middle date is showing as the first field and vice versa. Please find the attached screenshot for detail. I don'nt konw why is it happening, Please help! enter image description here

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Please provide source code. – Jesper Aug 14 '12 at 13:08

I think that you hit the problem with the stable sort in Chrome :). This problem is fixed with the Q2 2012 SP1 release of the Kendo UI.

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I believe the Kendo UI Charts are looking for a unix time stamp. Try formatting a couple of your values as a time stamp and then using a template to format the date like this:

categoryAxis: {
    labels: {
        template: "#= formatDate(value) #"

The formatDate will be a function that you define that can produce the string you want displayed in the axis.

I think this approach will allow kendo to order your dates correctly AND give you the format you are looking for.

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