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I know tittle is horrible, but couldn't find a way to explain it in few words.

My problem is following...

Server domain is -


I setup subdomain with CNAME on my hosting server.

trac.mydomain.com -> username.dyndns.org
svn.mydomain.com -> username.dyndns.org

So trac/svn url is:


I want to shorten urls to just svn.mydomain.com:9999 and trac.mydomain.com:9999

How do I do this? what are my options?

(unfortunately I was told it is not possible to put path in CNAME, otherwise I would just make trac.mydomain.com point to username.dyndns.org:9999/trac)

1 define way I could think of myself is using virtual hosts and just using different port for svn and trac. But I wonder if there are more solutions.

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