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i have field in mysql type varchar with field data contains code, and the code is like tree structure with dot (.) as separator between parent and child.

Example 1215 has child 1215.001 and 1215.002

And this is the data each row on database

ID  | kode
1   | 1215
2   | 1215.001
3   | 1215.001.001
4   | 1215.002.001
5   | 1215.002
6   | 1215.002.001

How to get the level 2 code?
which its mean will be only the code 1215.001 and 1215.002

Already tried with this query

select * from `kegiatan` where `kode` LIKE '1215.%';

But it get all the code start with 1215 eg: 1215.001.001

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Use a regular expression.

 select * from `kegiatan` where `kode` REGEXP '^1215\.[^\.]+$';

This will match everything:

 That starts with ( "^" )

 the string "1215.",

 followed by at least one character that is a member of the set "NOT ." ("[^\.]+")

  followed by the end of the string.("$")
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oh yes nice, i have feeling if this will be good can be done through regex :D –  GusDeCooL May 11 '12 at 9:02

You could use a regular expression for this;

select * from `kegiatan` where `kode` REGEXP '^1215.[0-9]+$';

Which will match items beginning with ^1215, followed by a period ., followed by one or more numeric values [0-9]+, followed by the end of the string $.

This will match 1215.001 and 1215.002, but not 1215 or 1215.001.001

Hope it helps, Dave

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select distinct substr(kode,1,8)  from `kegiatan` where `kode` LIKE '1215.%';


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can you give link documentation abous substr, im new with it @_@. It will be nice if i can learn about it. –  GusDeCooL May 11 '12 at 9:00
Edited with link. You'll see other string functions on the same page –  dystroy May 11 '12 at 9:00

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