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I have an input field named "VERSION" in a form where I have to write the version of the document.

e.g. Version :

How to validation for this input field in javascript?

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Can you use a regular expression?


Meaning: one or more digits, followed by a point, repeated as many times as you want, followed by a point and one or more digits.

If you have to have 4, you can make it more specific:


If it has to be 2 digits, one one one, try:


As you see, you need to be more clear about "what is a valid version, and what is not" in order to obtain a more specific answer :]

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You mean you'd validate if there is a version input in the correct format? (use an ID for the input field)

if(document.getElementByID('VERSION').value.match(/^\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+$/)) {}

This should match all versions in the format {number}.{number}.{number}.{number} Maybe you have to trim the string before you do that

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