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I am trying to display a pie chart in my application, for this am getting values from my sql database, I've two columns named Section,Absentees....and the valued for these columns are like

Section          Absentees
-------          ---------
  A                 10
 MCA                 5

like this, and my script is,

<asp:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" Height="202px" Width="291px">
        <asp:Series ChartType="Pie" XValueMember="Section" YValueMembers="Absentees" Legend="Legend1" Name="Series1"></asp:Series>
        <asp:ChartArea Name="ChartArea1"></asp:ChartArea>
        <asp:Legend Name="Legend1"></asp:Legend>

When I try like this, am getting the "Section" only in the Chart and in the Legend like,

enter image description here

I need to display the "Section" in Legend and "Absentees" count in the Chart, how can I do this?

And one more thing, is it possible to redirect to another page if I click in the chart? (for ex: if I click 5 or 10 it should redirect to someother page with the value(10 or 5) as query string) is it possble?

I just included IsValueShownAsLabel="true" in my Series, and the values are displaying fine, and I can redirect to some page when I click on particular label by using LabelUrl="/Default.aspx" like this.

Now the question is how can I pass the value as QueryString, I tried like

LabelUrl="/Default.aspx?value=<%# Eval("Section")%>"

but its showing error, am trying this chart in my WebParts can I fix this..any help?

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Take a look here for a guide on how to create pie charts:

On the same website you can check out the ways to provide legends in different formats:

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thanks for ur valuable link, I wanna redirect to some page if I click on the chart, is it possible? – shanish May 11 '12 at 12:26
yes, handle the click event of the chart object and inside the handler you can do whatever you wish (eg. redirect to an URL) – Tobias May 11 '12 at 12:40
I wanna get the Legend value(for example MCA here, and I want to pass it as query string), how to get it – shanish May 11 '12 at 12:55
can u check my updated question? – shanish May 11 '12 at 13:32
glad you worked it out, forgot about #VALX and #VALY, you are perfectly right. – Tobias May 11 '12 at 14:18

to redirect from specific section of pie chart:




to redirect from specific legends of pie chart:




so you can write:

Chart1.Series[0].Points[0].Url = Chart1.Series[0].Points[0].LegendUrl = "rptPendingBreakdown.aspx";

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