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This is a sample code of my project.

I have to make the std::auto_ptr to a friend class, so that it can access private members.

  #include "stdafx.h"
  #include <map>
  #include <iostream>

  //sample namespace
  namespace test
    //class A
    class A
      //making class B to friend , so that it can access private members
      friend class B;

    int i;

     //constructor - private
     A(int in)
        i = in;
      // private destructor;
        std::cout<<"\n Ending";

    //map to store A pointer
    typedef std::map<int, std::auto_ptr<A>> MAP;

   //class B, friend of A
  class B
    MAP Map;
  //making auto_ptr to a friend class , so that it can call the destruct all the A       pointer. 
  friend class std::auto_ptr; //Getting error like" error C2990: 'std::auto_ptr' 
//: non-class template has already been declared as a class template
    std::auto_ptr<A> a(new A(1));
    std::auto_ptr<A> b(new A(2));
    std::auto_ptr<A> c(new A(3));
    Map[0] = a;
    Map[1] = b;
    Map[2] = c;


int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
  using namespace test;
  B ab;
return 0;

But when i tried to make it to a friend i am getting error... please help....

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Because auto_ptr is a template class, you'll need something like:

friend std::auto_ptr<B>;
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