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I have two entities A,B the relation is on way, optional, One-To-Many from A to B (the many side), I want to select each B and its related A (or in case there is no A related to that B I want null), that can be easily done with right outer join but the problem that hibernate doesn't support right outer join in criteria API so I want a work around for this.

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It's not possible to perform joins using the Criteria API if the association isn't modelled in the direction you're navigating. You could try using HQL and writing an ANSI-89 join equivalent of the right outer join you want (hoping the RDBM's optimizer will effectively perform a join). – Xavi López May 11 '12 at 9:54
I decided not to use Criteria API for this and just use JPQL "select b,a from A a RIGHT JOIN a.lotsOfBs b" – yazan jaber May 11 '12 at 10:22

As per your scenario you want to use left join. like

select b from B b left join A a 
where a.fkey is null

or if you want any criteria before join then use

select b from B b left join A a with a.type = 1
where a.fkey is null

this with will server similar purpose which is served with "and" with "on" clause


select t from Template t left join t.profiles p with p.type = 1
where p.id is null

This will get all templates having no profiles with type 1

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