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I have a problem when trying to implement the configuration file of my plugin. I started my program with the already existing SideBar Plugin, but I encountered a problem when I added a List<String> as a variable to the class Action : private List<String> projects; How can I fill such a list within the jelly file?

I tried doing as such :

 <f:optionalBlock title="Project to be considered :">
  <f:repeatable var="project" items="${link.projects}" name="projects" add="Add a project">
   <f:entry title="Project 1 :">

I added these lines in the links.jelly file, but it doesn't work.

If anyone knows how to do this, it would be great.

Thank you

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The list in your action should have a type (also for better reading)

private List<YourObject> projects

Then your config.jelly can look like this:

<f:repeatable var="projectInList" name="projects" items="${instance.projects}" noAddButton="true" minimum="0">
        <f:entry title="${%Project}" description="Project desc." 
            <f:textbox value="${projectInList.variableInProjectObject}" default="" />
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