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I want to use Spring ROO 1.2.1 + GWT 2.6.1 in Springsource Tool Suite 2.9.1 in Ubuntu 12.04. Following guides like the video in http://www.bytespring.com/blog/spring-roo-integration-gwt, I can create with roo a new project via the "expense" script, then run it with mvn gwt:run. Ok, than I want to manage it in STS and now the problem starts. It seems to be problem about m2e.

In pom.xml the tag for artifact with ID "exec-maven-plugin" have this error:

Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.codehaus.mojo:exec-maven-plugin:1.2:exec (execution: default, phase: process-classes)

I tried to follow the solution suggested in How to solve "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration" for Spring Data Maven Builds.

Surrounded "plugins" tag with the "pluginManagement" tag. Now the error no longer appears.

Then I run the application, "Run as -> Web Application"... HTML Page Selection: ApplicationScaffold.html.

The web page appears, but with a window with this error:

Error: One or more exceptions caught, see full set in UmbrellaException#getCause".

The STS console says

"java.lang.RuntimeException: The RequestFactory ValidationTool must be run for the org.springsource.roo.extrack.client.managed.request.ApplicationRequestFactory RequestFactory type".

To solve this problem, I followed the instructions in http://code.google.com/p/google-web-toolkit/wiki/RequestFactoryInterfaceValidation.

1)In Project Properties->Java Compiler->Annotation Properties I enabled project specific settings, annotation processing and processing in editor, gen.source directory: .apt_generated; verbose false.

2) In Factory Path, enabled project specific settings, and added the external requestfactory-apt.jar located in



(I do not understand if "Validation Tool" and "Maven build" sections are important for me)

Now I tried to re-run (after a rebuild of project) and the same error persists.

Someone solved this problem?? How? Please explain step-by-step because I am not an expert, It's my first approach with spring and gwt...

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This looks like the same problem I ran into a short while back, which (after considerable digging) appeared to be down to a bug in AJDT (Eclipse's AspectJ compiler) which means that it currently cannot handle Java 6 annotations (used heavily by Roo).

A comment on a connected GWT bug report describes the following workaround:

  1. move AspectJ builder to be in front (on top) of Java builder in project properties, Builder page.
  2. clean and build the project.
  3. copy and save generated Java/class files in .apt_generated directory to somewhere else.
  4. move Java builder back in front of AspectJ builder.
  5. clean and rebuild the project
  6. copy the class file from 3 above to your project's classpath.

Alternatively, you can build your project outside of Eclipse - the non-IDE AspectJ compiler, ajc, does not suffer from this problem.

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