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We define the python type REGEXP function in sqlite and python following Problem with regexp python and sqlite

How can we do the same thing in PyQT, ie. with a QSqlDatabase?

More precisely, we use the REGEXP function to create a view:

Create view temp as select * from somewhere where columnname REGEXP 'myregex';

This works well, as long as we do the select from python. We would like to show the result in a QTableView (via a QSqlTableModel filled with the view). As the view uses the REGEXP, we would have to link the python regex function to the QSqlDatabase.

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Unfamiliar with Qt but this question is unanswered for 2 years so what the heck: Can't QSqlTableModel select from the sqlite view? So QSqlTableModel "thinks" it's consulting a table for QTableView, but it's actually consulting the view which already has the regex in it? (I realize this might be nonsense, please don't sue) –  funkwurm Aug 25 at 15:12

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