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Are there any packages in Python that allow one to do kdtree-like operations for longitude/latitudes on the surface of a sphere? (this would need to take into account the spherical distances properly, as well as the wraparound in longitude).

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A binary search tree cannot handle the wraparound of the polar representation by design. You might need to transform the coordinates to a 3D cartesian space and then apply your favorite search algorithm, e.g., kD-Tree, Octree etc.

Alternatively, if you could limit the input range of coordinates to a small region on the surface, you could apply an appropriate map projection to this region, i.e., one that does not distort the shape of your area too much, and apply a standard binary search tree on these no-wrap-around cartesian map coordinates.

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Converting to 3-d cartesian space is the way to go - thanks! –  astrofrog Dec 19 '13 at 8:21

Someone's already written a simple implementation of K-D tree here. Unless I'm misunderstanding your purpose, you can just change the Euclidean distance metric they've chosen to a spherical distance metric, as described here, using the Haversine formula to calculate your angle (and assuming that the Earth is a sphere).

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Changing to haversine won't resolve the issue with the tree building that arise from the periodicity of the polar coordinates. –  moooeeeep Apr 17 '13 at 14:10

It's implemented in scipy. There's also at least one pure python version on github.

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