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python tuple to str

Here is the data from the database, I ran out.

>>> policy_id = ((2309L,), (118L,), (94L,))
>>> for i in policy_id:
        print i


But I want the result as:



 and p.policy_id in ('%s','%s','%s') %(i[0],i[1],i[2])
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You were close. I believe this will do what you want:

p.policy_id = ((2309L,), (118L,), (94L,))

for i in p.policy_id:
    print i[0]


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If what you want is to have the result in a variable rather than just printing it, you could use a list comprehension:

>>> policy_id_list = [ item[0] for item in policy_id ]
>>> for i in policy_id_list:
...     print i
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