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I have a quick question about the best method to check if all of my UIButtons have been pressed.

I have x number of UIButtons which I created programmatically. Each button has its own unique tag (starting at 100 and incrementing upwards.)

When you click on a button is runs this:

- (void)myButtonAction:(id)sender
    [self handleButton:sender];

- (void)handleButton:(UIButton *)button
    // ???

If and only if the user has clicked on all buttons do a want an instance [self allButtonsClicked] to run.

What is the best way to do this? Should I make a NSMutableArray, and check to see if the tag number is in the NSMutableArray and if it is not, then add it. And then when the NSMutableArray is equal in size to the x number of buttons then run [self allButtonsClicked].

What is the simplest method to make sure each and every button has been clicked?

*edit I figured it out after typing it out. Writing it out helped me get it.

-(void)letterreveal: (id)sender {

    UIButton *button = (UIButton *)sender;

    [self clickcheck:[NSNumber numberWithInt:button.tag]];

-(void)clickcheck:(NSNumber*)currenttag {

    if ([self.buttonPressCounts containsObject:currenttag]) {
        NSLog(@"case A");
    else {
        [self.buttonPressCounts addObject:currenttag];
         NSLog(@"case B");

        if([self.buttonPressCounts count]==[self.currentword length])

buttonPressCounts is a NSMutablearray. I just had to make sure to set it whenI made the buttons.

      self.buttonPressCounts = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:[self.currentword length]];

currentword is a NSString (each button is a letter derived from the NSString).

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You could create an NSMutableSet with all buttons and then remove each clicked button from that set until it is empty. Once the set is empty, you have certainly clicked all buttons.

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If you dont mind, if a button was pressed once or more often, use a member ivar of NSMutableSet.

And I would use a number of the tag, but add /remove the button itself.

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