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I've got an application using the Yammer API, and I have a specific topic that I'd like to apply to a message (I know it by topicid).

The API is incredibly unclear: https://developer.yammer.com/api/#messages-manipulating

>Topics to apply to the message. Can use topic1 through topic20.

If I send a message with


Where the number is a topicid. I get a message with a topic entitled the topic number.

Any idea what the syntax is to get the topic to match that topicid instead of creating a new one?

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I struggled with the documentation as well - for me, the following worked: "body=A message with topics #foo #bar". In other words, the topics are the actual tags. Note that depending on the media type you set, certain characters (such as ";") may be problematic in the string.

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Yes, that's right, the API is unclear though. I've also had issues with topics with spaces in them (using HTML encoded chars), not showing up with other comments of the same tag, so avoid them –  Steve Workman Jul 5 '12 at 17:51

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