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If i've xml feed back link as www.my_site.com/api.php?query=something and the resulting is as following xml code

<page pageid="577" ns="0" title="something">
<extract xml:space="preserve">
blah blah about something blah blah

Now how to parse this code to be shown as HTML ?! i've tried this idea but didn't worked

$rssurl = "www.my_site.com/api.php?query=something";
$xml = @simplexml_load_file("$rssurl");

foreach ($xml->extract->item as $item) {
$desc = $item->extract;
$latestfeeds .= "$desc";


$latestfeeds = "Problem";


$body = "$latestfeeds";
echo $body;

It keep giving me "Problem" ! this idea might be totally wrong so any help how to do it in order to get the content of extract blah blah about something blah blah ~ thanks

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from XML to HTML there is no parsing, but a transformation. W3C define a language to be able to transform XML. XSL (extensible stylesheet language) can be usefull for you to use XSLT to transform XML to HTML. (see tutorial)

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