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I was doing a survey I was offline server so I save users information in cookies, I have users Information like this

Fname:Ali,Lname:Kheiri,title:Director,org:Magiclamp,email:alikheiri@gmail.com Fname:Ali,Lname:Kheiri,title:Director,org:Magiclamp,email:alikheiri@gmail.com

it is save in cookies, but now i am online, so i want to save this cookies data in mysql database in php, javascript for this I write this code but its not working

    mysql_connect("localhost","root","");//database connection05
        $date = date('Y,m,d');
       $time = date("i:h:s",time() + $time_a);
       echo $session_id;
        foreach($_COOKIE as $name => $cookie){
    // you can check any conditions based on cookie name $name
    $sql="INSERT INTO user_data (first_name, last_name, job_title, organisation, email, phone_number, ip_address, date, time)
     VALUES(" . mysql_escape_string($cookie) . ")";

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you should get the cookie value as a string split it and have every criteria alone than use the insert query because the query you wrote is incorrect you saying insert into user_data the first name the last name the job title... but you are only giving him 1 value the $cookie but the sql don't know that the $cookie contain everything so you should first slpit the cookie value based on the ','

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