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Here is the data from the database, I ran out.

policy_id = ((2309L,), (118L,), (94L,))
for i in policy_id:
    print i

but i want result as:

p.policy_id in ('%s','%s','%s') %(i[0],i[1],i[2])

My English is not good, compared to the earlier question did not get what I want, I am a novice, please understand.

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You got what you want. You got told that from each of the items you could fethc the 0th "sub-item". So a zeroth approach could be

c.execute("foo bar blub where p.policy_id in (%s,%s,%s)", (i[0][0], i[1][0], i[2][0]))

An alternative could be to first transform the tuple

ii = tuple(x[0] for x in i)
c.execute("foo bar blub where p.policy_id in (%s,%s,%s)", ii)

Note that I as well include information about how to properly access the MySQLdb cursor. This is not done via string formatting, but via the data parameter of cursor.execute() in order to have the data properly escaped.

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