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I have the file with "chunked" sentences from medical sector.

The sentences looks like:

" [ADVP again/RB ] [VP seen/VBN ] [NP is/VBZ ] [NP a/DT focal/JJ asymmetry/NN ].

" [NP diagnostic/JJ mammogram/NN ] [PP of/IN ] [NP the/DT left/JJ breast/NN ].

I need the way to extract only words from those "chunks". The common rule for all sentences is that the words comes before '/' char.

Is there is option to combine REGEX or something else in order to get string without POS?


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This seem to work:

var patt = @"\s(\b(.+?))/";
var matches = Regex.Matches("[ADVP again/RB ] [VP seen/VBN ] [NP is/VBZ ] [NP a/DT focal/JJ asymmetry/NN ].", patt);

var matchedValues = matches
    .Select(match => match.Groups[1].Value);

var output = string.Join(" ", matchedValues);

=> "again seen is a focal asymmetry"

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Thanks! Works Great!!! –  Alex Berd May 11 '12 at 12:18

Find all matches of this regex.


I tested it at RegexPal.com. Worked like a charm.

The regex is very simple. It matches words (\w+) followed by a / without making the / part of match. This eliminates the need to deal with capturing groups and such. It does the 'followed by' match with (?=/), which essentially matches a point which is followed immediately by a /. This is known as a lookahead.

Here is some sample code:

string sentence = "[ADVP again/RB ] [VP seen/VBN ] [NP is/VBZ ] [NP a/DT focal/JJ asymmetry/NN ].";
MatchCollection matches = Regex.Matches(sentence, @"\w+(?=/)");
foreach (Match match in matches)


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You are searching for a RegEx matching again, seen, is, a, symmetry and diagnostic, mammogramm, of, the, left, breast


Then... /\b([\w]+)// should work

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Yes I search for the Regex that will convert the first sentence to simple string that contains: again seen is a focal symmetry. –  Alex Berd May 11 '12 at 11:46

Try this.

var val = "[ADVP again/RB ] [VP seen/VBN ] [NP is/VBZ ] [NP a/DT focal/JJ asymmetry/NN ]";    
var list = val.Split('/').Select(c => c.Split(' ').Last());
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