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I know that I can get word completion through CTRL+N & CTRL+P and code completion through omnifunc with CTRL+X CTRL+O. I additionally tried Supertab (very nice), because I'm used to TAB-completion. That all worked all right. I would like to see possible matches while I'm typing, so I also tried autocomplpop.vim, witch does just that.

What I like to accomplish though, would be a combination of both together with a little twist: I would like to see suggestions pop up as I type (just like with autocompop) but when I use TAB the word should be expanded only to the largest common match:

foo bar testor booze test baz teter

After I type te in the 2nd line, the popup should suggest test, teter and testor.

When I press TAB, it should do nothing, because there is no more common ground than te. After I typed an additional s and press TAB, it should expand tes to test (because it is the smallest common ground) and to testor after a 2nd TAB.

Edit: I try to be more clear...

  • te<TAB>
    • should do nothing because "we" don't know if a 't' (te*t*er) or an 's' (te*s*t, te*s*tor) should follow.
  • tes<TAB>
    • should expand to test (because that works for both - test and testor - and teter is no longer a possible match).
  • test<TAB>
    • should expand to testor (only possible match).

Well, the suggestions popup is just bonus, but I really would love to see the TAB behavior. Hope I don't get to esoteric here and you can help me out with some script-tricks or plugins to tame VIM to do just that.

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Isn't "test" a possible match for "test<TAB>"? That's how bash treats it... (Apart from that third case, your examples mirror bash's completion rules...) – Stobor Jun 28 '09 at 23:26
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:set completeopt=longest,menu,preview


(I'm not sure if your statement

"when I press TAB, it should do nothing, because there is no more common ground than te"

conflicts with your later statement

"to testor after a 2nd TAB."

It seems to me that there's no more common ground than "test" at that point... Unless you mean the first tab goes to the longest common ground, and then the subsequent tabs cycle through the other matches, in which case you're after what I have above...)

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If I use :set completeopt=longest,menu,preview and press tab after te it get's completed to testor. Thats not what I would like to accomplish. – Brutus Jun 28 '09 at 19:21
Someone on superuser had a similar question (…) and they said that SuperTab was messing with longest. Did you try disabling supertab? – idbrii Jan 24 '11 at 20:14
:set completeopt=longest,menu is what you want. – qed Mar 24 '12 at 0:02

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