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Our cycling club website runs wordpress. Anyone can register as a guest, however there is restricted content that only members can access.

We use the s2member plugin to manage access to restricted content and it works fine. However the current process for granting access is a bit cumbersome:

  1. registrant registers on the site, gets 'guest' permissions as default
  2. administrator receives notification of registration & confirms registrant is a member
  3. administrator upgrades registrant's permissions to 'member'
  4. administrator sends email to registrant confirming upgrade


Is it possible to automate step 4?

i.e. when a registrant's authorisation level is set to 'member', the welcome email is sent from wordpress automatically. The email text would be generic (i.e. same message for every member) other than addressing them by name ("Dear [name], welcome to...").

Googling hasn't thrown anything up - although I'm a wordpress & php noob so might not be looking for the right thing.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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In case you don't get a good answer I will say something about this before I move on. I haven't used s2member but it's Wordpress, so it works like this. You need to find the file where the permission upgrade happens. There will probably be a hook there, you can add an "action" to that hook. That is, a function. This function shall utilize wp_mail (check official WP codex) to send the message. Check this website out, it will tell you a bit about hooks, s2member.com/codex –  Pickett May 11 '12 at 17:14
Thanks @Calle - appreciate the help. –  sfinnie May 12 '12 at 1:01

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