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I ran the FindBugs in my project, and I got the following warning:

new foo.pkg.Key(Client, Product, Date, String) may expose internal representation by storing an externally mutable object into Key.expireDate   MALICIOUS_CODE  EI_EXPOSE_REP2  60  Medium

Key is an Entity which have a Date expireDate, with its respective getter and setter, and it uses them in the constructor.

So, what's wrong? Why exactly is wrong do this? Is it because Date is a mutable type?

Actually, I just return a (Date) dataNascimento.clone(), and use the same strategy in the setter. Is that the better way of doing this?

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I would recommend performing your (Date) dataNascimento.clone() call in the constructor (either directly, or via your setter).

Yes, FindBugs is warning you due to the fact that data is mutable. You may have the clone calls in your setters and getters, but you would still get the warning, since you could still might be able alter the the date inside the constructor.

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