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I've read a lot on evenly distributing elements using css but every solution i've found requires you to know and define the width and/or the number of elements being distributed.

I have a container that is of a fixed width - within here could be any number of li elements of an automatic width which need to be distributed evenly across the parent element from left to right.

Here is my markup - except there could be any number of tabs with any length text in them.

<ul class="tabs">
     <li class="tab active" id="tab-1"><span class="tab-title">Tab 1</span></li>
     <li class="tab " id="tab-2"><span class="tab-title">Tab 2</span></li>
     <li class="tab " id="tab-3"><span class="tab-title">Tab 3</span></li>
     <li class="tab " id="tab-4"><span class="tab-title">Tab 4</span></li>

So Even Distribution with css when the number of elements and width is dynamic - can it be done?

Seems like such an obvious thing to want to do - Damn CSS!

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For this your can css display:table-cell property. Write like this:

    border:1px solid green;
.tabs li{
    border:1px solid red;

Check this http://jsfiddle.net/px7Uf/

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Thanks!! Doesn't work in IE 7 but who cares, I'm fed up of fixing things for out of date IE versions. –  Ralphonz May 11 '12 at 12:50
Brilliant. Also just a note for anyone finding this to remove any floats you have on <li> elements. –  inorganik Aug 14 '13 at 19:24
I'd like to revisit this now does anyone have different way to achieve the same thing without using display:table-cell? It doesn't play nice with drop-down menus and css transitions. –  Ralphonz Feb 27 at 10:32

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