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I'm using Enterprise Library 5.0, Logging block, in a Silverlight project. In the project I want to be able to instantiate a logger, I believe the right class is LogWriterImpl. And I also wanted to be able to configure this LogWriterImpl with Xml configuration, so in the end I want something like this:

public class LoggerFactory
    public LoggerWriter Create(string xmlFilePath)
        // Load configuration from xmlFilePath

        // Read the configuration and create the parameters for the LogWritterImpl

        // In Silverlight there are several constructors for the LogWritterImpl class
        // which one to use? which arguments to use?
        var logger = new LogWritterImpl( /* which parameters go here? */ );

        return logger;

Can anyone help me to fill in the blanks?

Thank you for your time!

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See this walkthrough: http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/Enterprise-Library-for-Silverlight-Logging-demo

Source code of the demo is here.

Also, see this chapter of the Developer's Guide.

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