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I have PHP application to provide enrollment of courses, and some courses are provided by a moodle version 1.9 site.

How can I implement a single log on in Moodel 1.9 with PHP Application?


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It's not clear whether you need single sign-on(authentication plugin) or enrolment plugin.

However, here are some hints to proceed:

Moodle supports various authentication backends such as SAML(Shibboleth), LDAP. Here is a comprehensive list:

There are also several contributed authentication plugins which can be found here:

If you just need the enrolment plugin, then check Administration-->Plugins-->Enrolment to get the list of supported plugins.

There are also a number of contributed enrolment plugins:

Hope this helps.

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Hi Thanks for answer.. I want single sign-on and also I want to fetch moodle courses in PHP Application.. – Kanak Vaghela May 14 '12 at 5:01
if you need SSO you should opt for OpenID auth. To fetch the moodle courses you can use the moodle webservices – gnuwings May 22 '12 at 16:06

You can use external database authentication and/or enrollment plug-in to connect your application's database to Moodle.

Using this plug-ins you can also synchronize user/enrollment information between the two systems.

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