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I am looking at an access log from tomcat which has entires such as: - - [10/May/2012:07:08:39 +0000] 0 "GET / " 200 123 "-" "-"

I want to use sed to just pull out the datetimes.

So I just see:

[10/May/2012:07:08:39 +0000] 

I understand it should be something like this:

sed -e 's/oldstuff//g' inputFileName > outputFileName

Where oldstuff should be a regular expression to get text that is not between square brackets.

I haven't a clue how to express that in a regular expression and would appreciate any tips?

My best effort is:

sed -e 's
/[^\[(.*?)\]]//g' inputfilename > outputFileName
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Try this:

  sed -e 's;^.*\(\[.*\]\).*$;\1;' inputFileName > outputFileName
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@dublintech: is everything in single line? It works for me. Maybe try with \1\n instead of \1. –  Prince John Wesley May 11 '12 at 13:08
grep -o '\[[^]]\+\]' file

find a [ then one or more characters that are not ] then a ]

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