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I am having problems with this one function that is bound to a global variable:

var reloadRules;

   reloadRules = function(){
        // Create a new store with all rules of the current rule-set
        var rule_store = new dojo.data.ItemFileWriteStore({
            url: "./RDB?id=all&set_name="+CURRENT_RULE_SET.replace("#", "%23"),  // hashes need to be changed in URLs
            id:  "RDB_store",
            jsId: "RDB_store"
        // Use the new store
   } // end function

   //more code

}); // end dojo.ready()

When called via a button that is defined in the same dojo.ready block:

// Create the reload button programmatically:
var reload_rdb = new dijit.form.Button({
    label: "Reload RDB [R]",
    onClick: reloadRules
}, "reload");

all is well! However, when calling it outside the block through:


it won't. Printing it to the console with:


Gives me the function decleration though..

What is also strange is the fact that even calling the function inside the dojo.ready block like this:

 // Connect the 'R'-key to reloadRule
 dojo.connect(dojo.byId('browser_grid'), "onkeypress", function(event){
     if (event.which == 114 || event.keyCode == 114 || event.which == 82 || event.keyCode == 82) {
         return false;
     return true;

does not work. So only referencing to the function seems to work.


PS I have more functions that are similar (newRule, editRule, etc.) which are all fired when pressing the right shortcut key or when called from another place. I'm stumped at why this one isn't.

For completeness sake an example of another function that does work:

newRule =  function(){
                  // Clear the editor fields
                  // Go to the editor tab
                } // end function

var new_rule = new dijit.form.Button({
    label: "New rule [N]",
    onClick: newRule
}, "new_rule");
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I suppose grid is a window variable. Is it ready when you call it ? –  dystroy May 11 '12 at 13:14
A window variable is a global variable? If so then yes. As for the answer: I would think so, since I can see the grid and work with it. And I can call and evaluate the function when clicking the button. –  Noldus May 17 '12 at 12:08

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